Mooofins™ are prepared to take Penn State, State College and the world by storm!

Mooofins are delicious quiche-like muffins paired with signature flavors, such as blueberry sausage, maple bacon and bell pepper mushroom. They are the creation of food science majors representing the College of Agricultural Sciences: Megan Woo, a senior from San Francisco; Jared Smith, a senior from Lebanon; Kelsey Rogers, a senior from Howard; Anthony Herdzik, a senior from Rochester, N.Y.; Kenny Vogel, a junior from Topsfield, Mass.; Shaina Melnick, a junior from Mount Joy; and Andrew Elder, a junior from Bellefonte. Mooofins debuted at the American Dairy Science Association meeting in Indianapolis, where they were named the best in the Dairy Research Institute’s New Product Competition.

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Recently the Mooofin team has reported some unexplained, suspicious activity in and around Penn State: although the recipe for Mooofins has been declared “top secret” and is kept in a vault at Mooofin headquarters, a mysterious figure known only as “The Mooofin Man™” has apparently been surprising and delighting folks with free Mooofins. Who is the Mooofin Man? And what is he up to? Stay tuned…